2013 – A new era for Aeromic begins…

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I am delighted to report after some 6 months of research and testing we are now shipping the Lo Sensitivity version of the Aeromic and Cyclemic to all our customers as standard. Here’s some background info as to the reasons for the change.

Since 1990 we have been using a high output AM10 capsule on our mics. It has a very light membrane which quickly responds to any sound it “hears” and delivers a signal that is very high in output level that it can drive a Line Input – not bad for a headworn mic! All brands of wireless transmitters have a sensitivity control to better match the mic to the transmitter. There is no right or wrong here, no “better if it’s louder”. Each mic generates it’s natural output level according to the design and most transmitters are built so that they can deal with a range of levels from different mics from high to low output mics – certainly our Fitness Audio Transmitters do. However, Shure, one of the bigger brand names in wireless, sells the entry level priced PG and PGX bodypack transmitters and have limited the ability to match the output of the Hi Sensitivity Aeromic or Cyclemic compared to their previous designs. As this brand is popular with a major fitness club chain customer here in Australia and is also used by many European, US and African clubs, we felt we had better do something to improve the compatibility of our mics since they’ve reduced their ability to match up with us. We also received comments from our trade customers that their installers were having a hard time programming EQ, Limiting and Feedback Suppression for the Aeromic with expensive digital mixer and sound processors like the range of DBX Zone Controllers because there was too much gain or output coming from the mic system. So this was the scenario back in May last year and we had to fix it by re-freshing the mics and make them more compatible to both ends of the market – cheaper transmitters and expensive digital processors.

Introducing the Aeromic AM11LS and Cyclemic CM11LS! From January 2013 all of our mics have a 3xxxx serial number and will have the new AM11LS Lo Sensitivity Capsule fitted as standard. This new capsule features a stiffer membrane that reacts more slowly to sound vibrations, which results in a lower output level but a higher SPL rating. It has the same sweat protection as before but it’s improved too by the use of a fine mesh grill that won’t allow sweat and spit to pass through – moisture droplets bead and eventually will fall off the surface with movement or a tap on the boom arm – but still a good reason not to blow directly into the mic capsule! It’s still an omni-directional capsule with a big sweet spot but we’ve effectively reduced the bigness of the ambient noise pick up area so there’s now more gain before feedback.

The end result is that we think the LS versions sound even more natural and dynamic than before so full marks to Peter Paisley back in the Aeromic Australia lab for this year’s new and improved Aeromic and Cyclemic. Certainly the comments coming back from our hard core of dealers and installers have been very favourable – the Lo Sensitivity Aeromics are now more compatible than ever before with every type of wireless mic transmitter and digital processor and everyone’s a winner!

John Penhallow